Tournament system:

  • The group counted number of victories.
  • 4 best players in each group will go to the round of 16.
  • 1 match each week. Players who meet determines the date and time. The most important is that the match is played within the dates of the round

How to play:

  1. Unblock any firewalls. If you play through a router, then you may need open a port
  2. Set up a multiplayer game (TCP/IP)
  3. Give your IP number to you opponent. Find your IP:
  4. And play!
  5. When the game is played. Then you go to "Register result" and type who won and who lost. But for safety, take a print screen on the final score. If your opponent who lost not register the result, then you can prove that you won with the print screen. So if you can, always take a print screen as safety. Players who do not register the right results will be kicked out directly.
  6. (If this situation occurs, please send your print screen to

Game settings:

  • Game: Random Map
  • Map Style: Standard
  • Location: Full Random
  • Size: 3 player map*
  • Resources: Standard*
  • Population: 200
  • Game Speed: Fast*
  • Reveal Map: Normal
  • Starting Age: Standard
  • Victory: Standard
  • All Techs: No / *
  • Lock Teams: Yes
  • Lock Speed: Yes
  • Allow cheats: No

RED = Standard settings, no changes

* = If players agree with each other, then you can change. Otherwise, no changes


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